Resolutions and Goals for the New Year

Previously posted on my old blog on 1.3.15

Almost everyone starts off the new year with a list of resolutions or goals to accomplish throughout the year.

I decided that by putting mine online, I will be held more accountable for them (and I won’t forget them as easily).

So here are my goals and resolutions for the year 2015!

General Goals

Stay organized
Eat healthy and stay active
Be more grateful
Complain less
Drink more water
Volunteer more

Specific Goals

Get a 4.0 in all of my classes
Visit a new city/state (if I can)
Learn to drive on the highway
Pay off my credit card and keep it under $50 at any given time
Keep my phone away while out to eat with friends or family
Blog regularly
Practice my instruments regularly
Do yoga every week
Read a book at least once a month
Take time for myself at least once a month
Try something new at least once a month

Well, we shall see how these go!

Wishing health and happiness to all in the new year




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