Things I Love: App Edition

Previously posted on my old blog on 2.6.15

I, like any young adult, love my phone and my kindle. I do use the typical apps (Facebook, Instagram, etc) but there are a few I want to talk about that I love at the moment

So now I present:

App Review Logo
Two Dots

Holy addicting! This game is my go to boredom killer/procrastinator. Thankfully you only get 5 lives at a time and it takes 20 minutes to regain a life, or else I would be sitting on my phone all day.two-dots-main
It is a connect the dots style game where you are given goals that you have to achieve (like a certain number of colors to eliminate or a certain number of anchors to bring to the bottom). They just released a ton of new levels for the Android version of the game so I am a very happy camper!


This app is more used on my kindle due to the larger screen, but I have it on my phone as well. TED is a conference series and the app posts many of the “talks” that are done. They are beyond inspirational and I have learned so much from watching them. They range in topics from music to happiness to science and more. Seriously, if you like inspirational lectures, go download this app or visit their website ( now


I mentioned Songza in one of my latest blog posts. It is a music streaming app (similar to Pandora) that lets you choose a playlist based on mood, activity, decade and genre. It also has a “concierge” that gives you some suggestions. For example, mine is currently giving me suggestions for my Friday afternoon such as “driving” and “entering beast mode”. It’s a fun app and super useful if you get sick of Pandora’s commercials (there are no commercials as far as I recall, although there is a limit on how many songs you can skip)


Note: I am not 100% sure if this is an Android app specifically, but I have a Samsung Galaxy so that’s what I use this on.

SplenDo is a “to do” app that I have found works best for me personally. You just add tasks, and it gives you a little reminder at a set time (either the beginning of the day, or whenever you set it to). It is simple and easy to use. My favorite thing about it is that it let’s you categorize your tasks and it let’s you create your own categories, which many apps I downloaded previously did not let me do that.

Enjoy trying out some of my favorite apps




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