How to Enjoy Being Single on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow!

I have spent most (okay, all) of my Valentine’s Days as a single girl and, after plenty of experience, I have mastered the art of having a fantastic Valentine’s Day no matter what. So for all of the single ladies (and guys… I don’t judge), here are some of my “Single’s Awareness Day” ideas.

1. Get together with your single friends and have fun
This was what I did last year and what I intend on doing again this year. Last year, me and two of my friends ordered a ton of food and ate, played board games and watched movies and honestly it was a ton of fun! Being with people that you care about is a sure way to enjoy your day.

2. Treat yourself
Having a significant other is not the only reason you should have a nice dinner or go to a movie. Instead, go by yourself! If you aren’t comfortable with that, then make yourself a nice dinner at home. Use the nice dishes, light a candle, break out that bottle of wine (or sparkling juice if you are under 21), and have a date with yourself! Finish it off with a decadent dessert and maybe even a relaxing bath. Show some appreciation and love for yourself this V-Day!

3. Go out!
If you are the outgoing type, look for some events for other single individuals. Meet people, mingle and then maybe next year you won’t be single! You never know, you may meet the love of your life *you can thank me later ;)*

And a little laugh for you


Overall, try not to spend this Valentine’s Day feeling sorry for yourself. You are not less of a person on this day just because you don’t have a significant other. I hope you have a fantastic holiday however you plan on spending it!



4 thoughts on “How to Enjoy Being Single on Valentine’s Day

  1. Buy yourself a big steak and bake up a nice potato in the microwave and grill it with the steak, then get yourself some ice cream for dessert!


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