Living in the Moment

Happy Monday all!

I think I’m going to make Monday Motivation a “thing” on my blog. Let’s get started!


Today, I want to talk about living in the moment. We live in a world that is so obsessed with our cell phones and other electronic devices that we often forget to appreciate what is directly in front of us. Often, we aren’t “all there”.

I went to see Trans Siberian Orchestra back in December and while watching the concert, I observed something odd. There were so many people that were watching the show through their phones or camera lenses, as opposed to enjoying the show while they were there. I started thinking “Sure, now you have a video or a picture, but you aren’t really experiencing anything”.

Also, how many people reading this can say that they have sat on their phone while out with friends. I am raising my hand because this is something I am definitely guilty of. We, as a society, are living behind our electronic devices. Instead of having discussions with the person who is directly across from you, you are enthralled by what is happening with someone else who is miles away.

So I have a challenge for you: the next time you are out to eat or out with friends, turn your phone off (or on vibrate if you absolutely have to keep it on). Challenge the people with you to do the same. You never know what you may experience.



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