Miss New York Sweeper Pageants: My Hectic Weekend

Well, it is Tuesday, March 17th and I am finally finding the time to sit down and write all about my crazy weekend competing from 6 titles in the Miss America Organization.

Unfortunately, I did not win any of them, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have a spectacular weekend.

On Friday, my mom, Amanda and I drove up to Cortland, NY.

Well don't we look tan ;)

Well don’t we look tan 😉

Once we got there, we checked into our hotel, ran some errands and just relaxed in preparation for the next two days.

DAY 1: Miss Liberty/Miss Heart of NY/Miss Crown City

We got to the location of the pageant around 9:30 and we got to signing some thank yous, meeting the other girls, and unpacking out things (which I did not bring because my interview time was later in the day). We ran over walking patterns, talked a bit and then, before I knew it, I was able to go take a break and get some lunch. After my lunch, I headed back with all of my belongings to prepare for interview. I spent some time growing anxious before it was my turn, since I was number 14 out of 16 girls.

For those of you that don’t know, MAO pageants consist of five parts: Private Interview (10 minutes), On-stage question, Lifestyle and Fitness (Swimsuit), Talent, and Evening wear.

After my interview, which was fabulous, I touched up my makeup and spent some time getting to know the other girls before it was competition time!

I got two great OSQ’s. My first question was “Which Miss America is your favorite but you can’t choose the last three”. Luckily for me, I am a big Kate Shindle (Miss America 1998) fan and was able to answer without hesitation. My second question was platform related, so that was pretty simple.

Awkward OSQ face

Awkward OSQ face

I felt my swimsuit could have been a bit stronger, but I was happy with it nonetheless.

Talent is always my forte, and I was pretty happy with my performance

My evening wear was stronger than it has been, but I still have ways to go with this stage of competition nWYA2T1JYwcLNQteYzRfRNl32qU_tFYhmXHDb50yGeQ,KebZ6zvqO1jOBDOgb5u4b1ImPWTu_rqECnT9WBn5L4s

I was proud of myself, which is the most important part.

Congratulations to Miss Liberty: Meghan Sinisi, Miss Heart of NY: Nina Zesky and Miss Crown City: Jamie Hughes!

DAY 2: Miss County Queens

After a long night of fire alarms and restless sleep, we were up for day 2 of competition. This sweeper was a “name your own” meaning you get to choose your own title if you win.

Interviews started earlier and I was number 5, meaning I was done early. My interview felt fabulous and I was thrilled with the conversation I got to have with the judges.

And let the competition begin!

My OSQ’s were a bit trickier today. I got asked “What if your strongest suit” to which I held in every urge to burst out into song and talked about my passion. My platform question was fantastic, as I got asked “What makes your platform relevant” and was able to really connect with the audience.

MORE awkward OSQ faces!

MORE awkward OSQ faces!

Next up: Lifestyle and Fitness. I actually have a picture from this one! I felt pretty good about this phase today, but improvement is always possible.

Lifestyle and Fitness

Lifestyle and Fitness

My talent on this night was on point. To show how proud I am, I am actually going to put in the YouTube video of my performance.

And my evening wear this night was a little off, mostly due to exhaustion and losing all ability to focus after two long days. I will have to work on keeping my energy levels up for sure next time.

Congratulations to Miss Five Boroughs: Ashley Davis, Miss Onondaga County: Jessica Brosofsky and Miss Greater New York: Jamie Lynn Macchia

Overall, I had a fabulous weekend, made so many new friends, and gained a ton of experience that I plan to take with me not only to my next pageant, but to all of my other endeavors. It was a blast Cortland!

"If it were easy, we'd call it football"

“If it were easy, we’d call it football”

Ah! Almost forgot! PS: I want to thank the AMAZING crew of volunteers who made this weekend happen, especially Jack, Melissa and Diana who helped this weekend be one of the best I have ever had!


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