Just Another Crazy Weekend

Who knew you could pack so much into 24 hours?! From volunteering to Miss New York’s Outstanding Teen to breakfast with family that I haven’t seen in quite a while, it was non-stop! Want to follow along and see how my weekend went? Then keep on reading! My Saturday morning started bright and early. My pageant sisters Amanda and Dana and myself spearheaded getting some of the local Star Princesses together to walk in the Great Kills Little League’s Opening Day ‘parade’. It is so great to see young girls wanting to be involved in their community and it warmed my heart to talk to some of the parents of these girls, who told us how much the princess program has affected their daughters’ lives. 11149233_10206771622516047_4985393512741340560_n

After finishing up with that, I ran to the store to grab a finishing touch for my outfit and got ready to head to Saratoga Springs, NY. My mom and I grabbed my pageant sister Amanda and our friend Jamie’s mom Dawn and we started the long drive up.

Car buddies (minus my mom who was driving)

Car buddies (minus my mom who was driving)

Seriously, long car rides are a great place for conversation and lots of laughs. Sometimes the journey is the best part of it all.

The things you find in a truck stop Starbucks

The things you find in a truck stop Starbucks

At 5pm we finally got to our hotel. We checked in, dropped our bags, did some touch ups on outfits and make up (as I worked to regain my ‘land legs’ as I call them. 4 hours in a car for me is difficult) and headed to the pageant.


My pageant sister and best friend Amanda

At the pageant, I got to reunite with some of my pageant sisters that I have met through the locals I have competed in. Seriously, I love these girls and I hate that some of them live so far away. We settled into our seats and got ready to watch the competition.

It is always amazing to see so many young women doing something that at their age I could never imagine doing. I nearly lost my voice from cheering for all of my amazing “little sisters” and had a great time. Of course, I was also so nervous for all of the girls, especially since I have been up there before.

At crowning, Miss Upstate NY’s Outstanding Teen took the title and is heading to Orlando for Miss America’s Outstanding Teen (well deserved too, as she was a stand out all night).

And now for a few shout outs and congratulations

To my SI teens, Tatiana and Dominique: I am so immensely proud of both of you and how much you have grown since you won your titles. You both shone on stage and your talents, as usual, blew me away. Keep working and being your amazing selves and you will go far.

Me, Dominique, Tatiana, Samantha and Amanda

Me, Dominique, Tatiana, Samantha and Amanda

Cedar aka my upstate teen and my future miss sister: I am so blessed that I got to meet you at sweepers. You exude a passion for everything that you do that is awe-inspiring and I have no doubt that you will be successful in the future.

Amanda, Cedar and I

Amanda, Cedar and I

(p.s if you are interested in following this amazing young woman’s blog, go here: http://youarebeautifulcedarchambers.blogspot.com/)

Sam: My little sister and best friend. Words cannot even describe how proud I was of you when I saw you on that stage. You have such a bright personality and it showed on stage. You have such passion and love for what you do and I am just so thrilled that you took this opportunity and ran with it. I can’t wait to see what you do next!9SYy--K053G_jEaUzk5uuNu3L1uBMG00Ruu_gfkO4EPlMPIukx0P2A-__76Bbc-_GzC2CV4UsUicVOI=w1780-h778

Moving on to Sunday!

After a night of limited sleep, we got up to go have breakfast with my aunt, who I haven’t seen in two years, and cousin, who I haven’t seen since she was around 8 (she is 17 now, so basically… I feel old). It was great to get to reconnect and make plans for future visits.

And finally, we headed home.

It was an amazing and hectic weekend filled with friends, family and the four points (and I wouldn’t have it any other way).




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