Intro to Mental Health Awareness Month

My favorite month of the year is here! I love May for many reasons, including my mom’s birthday and the end of the school year, but most importantly I love it because it is Mental Health Awareness Month.mentalhealthwhite

So why is Mental Health Awareness Month so important to me? Well, anyone who knows me knows that I am a strong advocate for mental health awareness. My personal platform in the Miss America Organization is “Your Mind Matters: Promoting Mental Heath Awareness”. I will go more in depth of why this means so much to me personally when I post my mental health story in a few days.

Now I know the question is in your minds: “what is mental health and why is it so important?” Well it’s important because it affects everyone! Your mental health is exactly what it sounds like: the health of your mental state. It is sometimes defined as your “psychological well-being” or as “the absence of mental illness”. Both of those peg it pretty well in my opinion, although I typically lean towards the first of those two.

So what am I doing this month? Well, I am blogging (at least) three days a week with almost all of my posts being based on mental health. Also, I will be working with others to raise money for various mental health organizations.

What can you do? There are a few things you can do!

First, talk to someone you feel is struggling with his/her mental health.

Second, wear green! Green is the color for Mental Health Awareness so wear it and tell people why you are wearing it. Get the conversation started.

Third, use social media to talk about mental health. Break the silence and work to eliminate the stigma that strongly surrounds the topic of mental health.

And finally, work on your own mental health. By doing that, you are taking the first step towards being mentally health and therefore, being able to help others be the same.

I will see you soon with mental health based Monday Motivation!



One thought on “Intro to Mental Health Awareness Month

  1. I’m wearing my green “Hope” wristband today, for Mental Health Month.

    I look forward to reading how you present the mission of mental health, and work to release the effects of the stigma on mental illness.


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