Never Give Up: Finding Hope in the Hard Times

It is safe to say that everyone deals with hard times. It’s an unfortunate part of life. During these times, it can be difficult to stay hopeful that things will get better. So how can you find that glimmer of hope in the midst of despair?

1. Find What Makes You Optimistic
It could be a quote, an event, or even just the fact that the sun rises each morning. I personally love quotes (I even have a book full of them that I look at when I’m feeling down). Find one thing, or multiple things, that make you think “you know what, I can make it through another day”

2. Have a Good Support System
It is always important to have a good group of friends/family members around, but this is even more important when you are feeling hopeless or down. Having people that care around you can help bring you out of a slump.

3. Keep Going
Whatever you do, never stop trying. Times can get rough but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, even though that tunnel may seem endless. Find comfort in looking back on previous hard times and remembering that those ended and these will too.

So keep your head up, keep smiling and never give up!

Happy Monday!



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