Reestablishing Goals

While cleaning my room last week, I found a list of my “new year’s goals”. Well, let’s just say that I had forgotten most (even though they are actually posted on this blog) and I definitely slacked. However, that doesn’t mean that it is time to give up on all of my goals completely! Let’s talk a bit about reestablishing and resetting goals!

I feel as though at the beginning of the year, everyone makes a laundry list of goals that they want to achieve. I know I did. And guess what: I haven’t achieved many of them. Maybe this is because I tried to take on too many things at once, or maybe other things just became more important as the year progressed. Whatever the reason, we sometimes “fall off the wagon” of accomplishing goals and need to get back on.

Here are some of the things that I am doing to get back on track and start achieving more!

1. Redefine Your Goals
Maybe your first set of goals were too vague to accomplish. Things like “exercise more” or “be healthier” got lost because they were not specific enough to stick to. Or maybe your goals have changed in the past few months. Maybe now instead of wanting to go visit a new state, you want to better explore the one you live in now. Whatever the case, redefining your goals is a great way to put what you want back into perspective.

2. Make It Visual
I’m sure we all have that list of goals somewhere buried in a pile of papers of hidden somewhere on our phones. Instead, make these new goals visible. You can write them in colorful pens and fun letters and put them on a wall or you can even create a vision board (which I have for my “long-term goals”. If anyone wants a tutorial on how to make a vision board, I will definitely make one! Just let me know)

3. Create “Short-Term” Goals
Decide on things that you want to achieve just this month or even the following week. I did this and have goals for the month of July as well as some individual health/fitness goals for each week

4. Finally, Share Your Goals
You don’t have to share all of them, but pick a few you want to be held accountable for and tell a friend who you can trust to help you achieve them.

In honor of this, here are some of my goals for the month of July
– blog at least 1 time a week
– practice piano/guitar/voice for an hour a week (each)
– get out of bed before 9 every week day
– do a plank everyday
– yoga 1x a week
In addition to these, I have some smaller goals for the weeks. This week’s goal is to drink half of my body weight (in ounces) of water (which for me is about 2 liters or 64 fl oz) and next week is to cut out sugary beverages.

So what are some goals that you want to reestablish? What goals have you been successful in achieving since the start of 2015? Let me know in the comments! image


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