Children don’t judge (and we should follow their lead)

I am blessed that I have what I consider to be one of the greatest jobs ever. I am responsible for two amazing girls whom I learn from every day. Recently, I took them to a park so that they had something to do outside of their house and I picked up on something through my observations of their play.

Children don’t judge.

I sat and watched these girls play with children of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds while in that park. They didn’t care if they were from the same monetary background, ethnicity or religion. They just cared that the other children were nice to them and were playing a fun game. What was even more surprising was that they took the time to learn the names of the children and even said to me as we were leaving “see that kid in the striped shirt? He speaks Russian!” They were excited to meet someone of a different background. To them, it was interesting, not scary or threatening.

This is a lesson that we can learn from children. In today’s society, we are quick to judge others based on a variety of different aspects. We look at race, religion, gender (and gender identity) and even socioeconomic status and make certain assumptions that may or may not be true. Children, however, are a clean slate. They don’t know hate or racism or anything along those lines. They love and accept others because they are also human.

So here is my challenge to you: the next time you meet somebody, try to think like a child and get to know them based on something deeper than the general assumptions often given to certain stereotypes. You may be surprised with what you find.



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