July 2015 Favorites

Whoops! I totally didn’t do a favorites post last month! I guess I really couldn’t think of anything that I loved. Well hopefully this post makes up for it!



CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Lotion AM with SPF 30

During the summer, I always make sure that I have a moisturizer with SPF on my face (although I do this all year round, it is a must in the summer when I am out more often). I like the CeraVe moisturizer for a few reasons. First off, I like that it is a facial moisturizer. Many times, people will use any SPF moisturizer, but this can be harmful to your skin and possibly clog your pores. Second, I like that it has an SPF of 30. I have a foundation with SPF but it is only 15, so I like having that extra protection. Finally, I like how long this product has been lasting. I bought it and was slightly disappointed at first at the size to price ratio (it costs $15 on Ulta, but I think I got it on sale). However, I use it almost every day and it has lasted because I don’t need a lot of it to get the job done.

NuMe Silhouette Flat Iron

Summer for me = Frizzy hair. My NuMe straightener has always been a life saver and it is no exception now. It gets the job done quickly and effectively. The Silhouette flat iron is one of the less expensive flat irons that they have (priced at $129.99), but the best thing about NuMe is that you can constantly find discounts or Groupons (which is how I got mine. I paid $50 in total I believe).

Nyx Eyebrow Cake Powder in Dark Brown/Brown

Brows. Need I say more? I love this product from Nyx because it does a great job of helping me fill in my eyebrows where they need it. Also, it comes with a wax to help keep the brows tame. Personally, I don’t have too much sparsity in my brows so I only use the spooley brush. The other brush it comes with seems a bit stiff so I don’t know how effective it is. My biggest complaint is the size of the brushes but they came with the kit so I am not complaining. If I want a good eyebrow brush, I know I can get my hands on one.


Instrumental Covers

Music with lyrics can sometimes be a serious distraction to me, so lately I have taken to listening to instrumental covers of my favorite songs. They are usually more mellow and help me focus, while still being familiar and keeping me awake. Spotify has some great playlists (I am currently listening to their Mellow Workflow playlist).

TV Shows/Movies

Inside Out

Yes. I, as a 22 year old, went (with my best friend) to see yet another Pixar movie. And it was totally and completely worth it. I loved every second of this movie (and I may or may not have teared up just a bit). Not only was the movie cute and a pretty typical Pixar movie, but it did a great job of explaining a topic as complex as emotions. I really think this movie can be an amazing tool to use for children who may be having a difficult time handling their emotions (and it may even help adults as well).

Big Brother

I told myself I wouldn’t do it. I told myself I wouldn’t watch Big Brother this summer because of how time consuming it is. And I didn’t totally lie. I usually get updates from my mom/social media more than I actually sit and watch the show but I got sucked in as usual. This show has been one of my guilty pleasures for years now, so I guess old habits die hard.


Madria Sangria (Moscato)

Note: This favorite is for the older individuals reading my blog. 21 and up 😉

Summertime as an “adult” (aka someone who is finally of legal drinking age) in my family means a glass of sangria on a warm day and Madria Sangria is hands down my favorite. I prefer the moscato (which is a white wine sangria), although both are good. The best part about this sangria is in my local liquor store it is less than $10!

Misc Favorites 

2L Water Bottle

This month, I have been trying to drink more water. My favorite thing is my 2L water bottle from Tupperware. It is pink, and it is just all around fantastic. It is a bit big considering it holds 2 liters of water, but it works for me because I remember that if I fill it twice and drink it, then I will have had enough water for the day. Water is important. Go drink more 🙂



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