Enjoy the Journey

Happy Monday! It’s the first Monday of a new month too, so Happy August! Wow, this year has been flying by. Because of this fact, I thought I would talk a bit about enjoying the journey.Enjoy the Journey

Each day, week, month, year and lifetime is a journey and sometimes we forget that. Often, the end goal can blur the journey or make it seem trivial. It is easy to become so encompassed with achieving something that you forget to take in everything that happens along the way.

I’m sure some people don’t necessarily think that this is a problem. I mean, the goal is the important part right? The thing that you really want to achieve should have your complete focus, shouldn’t it? But what happens if you can’t or don’t achieve this goal? What happens if the goal you have put 100% into just isn’t meant for you? What do you have then if you ignored the journey?

In addition to that, sometimes you learn more from the journey than you do from the end goal. This is something that I have learned through both theatre and pageantry. In theatre, the rehearsal process is where you grow and learn and the show is just an accumulation and display of all that you have learned. In pageants, the journey to a crown (or not to a crown) is probably the best part of the experience. You gain sisters, learn lessons, and truly grow as an individual. Now imagine if you solely focused on the end goal. What if you ignored the chance of making friends, learning lessons, or growing? Did you truly accomplish anything then?

So my advice: Enjoy the journey. Focus on the little things that happen along the way. Be truly present during every experience, no matter how trivial it may seem at the time. There is a quote I love said by Robert Brault “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” This pretty much sums up everything. Whatever journey you may be on; soak it all up. You may look back one day and realize how important it really was.



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