Keeping Yourself Entertained/Productive during a Snowstorm

Snow is not always fun. I, personally, am not a fan of the snow at all. But, with a blizzard warning in effect for my area, it’s time to start thinking of ways to stay entertained and to avoid that oh so dreaded cabin fever. I thought I would share some tips for all ages that can help prevent anyone stuck inside from going a bit mad.

c593466c7799fd1fcbf3eb21a5f3f0f4For the kids (or the kids at heart):

In blizzard-like conditions, when the winds are whipping up and the snow is heavy, it is hard for any children to spend significant amounts of time outside playing in the snow. Here are some ideas to help keep kids entertained. These can also be used for adults like myself who sometimes are a kid at heart.

1. Have an indoor picnic

This is a common rainy day idea that can be done in the snow as well. Pack up a lunch and spread out on the floor. The perks of this is that you can have your favorite warm foods like grilled cheese, tomato soup and hot chocolate. A twist on this is to have a indoor campout. Stove top s’mores anyone?

2. Make snow ice cream

This is apparently a thing! I have not tried it (yet) but there is a way to take snow and add some ingredients to make ice cream. For anyone who is curious, I found a recipe here and I know you can go onto Google and find others. And because I always think of the parents, here are some fun “adult” snow recipes to try out. Fair but obvious warning: be careful where you get your snow from for this. Yellow snow is a big no.

3. Obstacle courses This is a great game that doesn’t get repetitive because you have the ability to change it. Use pillows and other “obstacles” to create a course that children (or adults) can jump and climb through.

4. Blanket forts

Similar to your indoor camping, making a blanket fort is a fun way to stay entertained and make a cozy place to hang out. Build away, make some popcorn and watch a good movie on Netflix!

For the adults:

Being an adult during a snowstorm doesn’t have to be boring. It also doesn’t have to consist solely of drinking, eating food that is terrible for you and sitting on the couch. Here are some tips to keep things fun AND productive.

1. Try a new recipe

Been dying to make stew? Or how about that stir fry recipe you pinned about a year ago? Use this time to try something new. You may even discover your new go to meal! Plus, it is great to have something to help warm you up when you get in from shoveling out in the cold.

2. Read

If you are like me, you have a list of books that you have been wanting to read but just haven’t found the time. Well, now look at all of the time you have! Also, there is nothing better than getting comfortable with a cup of tea/coffee/cocoa and a good book.

3. Clean

Okay, I know that this sounds boring, but I’m sure there is that drawer or closet that you have been meaning to get to cleaning out and have found every excuse in the book not to. Use this time being stuck in the house to be productive and get it done.

4. Adult Coloring Books/Pages

Sometimes it is fun to release our inner child and break out a coloring book. Adult coloring books are extremely popular and a great means of stress relief. It is also a project that takes a fair amount of time and will keep you distracted for a bit (when I do a coloring page, it can take me anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on how detailed it is… keep an eye out for my January favorites to see some of mine). If you don’t have any adult coloring books, you can print out coloring sheets here!

5. Play video games

Two words: Just Dance. Video games are often viewed as being just for kids, but in reality they are a lot of fun for people of all ages. If you have an X-Box, Playstation or Wii, you most likely have the option of buying games directly on the system and downloading them. My suggestion is any form of dance game. They are fun, get you up and active and help keep you warm by working up a sweat (My personal favorite music/dance games at the moment are Just Dance, Disney’s Fantasia and Dance Central).

6. Learn a new skill

I know I plan on spending some of my weekend practicing my guitar and watching make up tutorials on YouTube. If there is a skill you have been dying to learn, try it out now! Grab that yarn and knitting/crocheting needles that you bought months ago and try learning how to use them. Or pick up the instrument you haven’t played in a year or longer and get back to practicing. You will feel awesome about doing it and it will keep you entertained.


After everything I posted above, I just want to mention this: The most important tips I can give during a snowstorm are the ones that are not about having fun but about staying safe. If you don’t have to leave your home, don’t. Try to stay off of the roads as much as possible. Not only will that reduce the risk of an accident, but it will help the plows and salt trucks do their jobs. Stay warm, stay safe and let it snow (or it could just not snow and that would be nice too)!




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