What’s On My Mind Wednesday: Donald Trump

This presidential election has been… interesting… to say the least. The front runner of the Republican party is none other than business mogul and reality television star Donald Trump. And in all honesty, that scares me. Why? Keep on reading.

Warning: This post will probably be all over the place and will probably be long. It will be worth it though, so be sure to read it and share it!

I will start by saying that I don’t like Donald Trump. However, I am going to try my best to strictly post facts and keep my opinions out of this for the most part. Because of this, I will not be discussing second amendment rights, same sex marriage or women’s reproductive rights.

Anyway, let’s begin!

Reasons why I don’t think Donald Trump would make a good president

1. He doesn’t have the answer to “how”

We all know that Donald Trump wants to build a wall on our Southern border and make Mexico pay for it. This is completely impractical for a variety of reasons (He would have to bypass dozens of acts just like what was done with the fence that was built. In the process he would risk destroying the graves of thousands of Native Americans and impact the environment. Also, part of the Mexican border is the Rio Grande river and it is illegal to obstruct a body of water like that. Therefore, the wall would have to be built in further in the United States, leaving part of our land in the open.)

In general though, Trump has ideas but no real backing on how they would be accomplished.

2. He flip flops on his viewpoints

Donald Trump’s standpoints on major issues changes constantly. Instead of pointing all of these out individually, I will just link you to a fact check website and you can do the research (on him as well as on his fellow candidates) for yourself. It’s important to be educated.

On the Issues is a fantastic website that breaks down every candidate from the recent years and their view points on specific issues. Go check it out and do your homework before you vote! Here is the link to Donald Trump’s information in particular.

3. He is no better than a politician

I hate when people say that they are sick of politicians and that is why they are voting for Trump. The only difference between a politician and a businessman is the field that they work in. Both lie and make deals and bend when money is put on the table. Both have the best interest of themselves/their elite groups in mind. Both take and make bribes to achieve what they want. The only difference is that politicians do this in the congress and businessmen do this in the board room.

4. He is appealing to the masses and will likely change his views the second he gets the nomination

Right now, Donald Trump is doing the same thing any businessman or politician does. He is doing exactly what every single on of his competitors is doing (this may be debatable but in order to not show my opinions, I will leave the broad statement). He is telling people what they want to hear. When Barack Obama ran for president in 2008, he ran under the whole idea of “change”. Trump is doing the exact same thing, except under the “Make America Great Again” slogan (which is actually stolen from the Reagan-Bush pairing from the election of 1980). He is saying what other people want to hear. He is playing at the mob mentality and tugging at the internal anger that people have, whether it is on a specific issue or not. In fact, I am pretty sure most people dd not even realize that Mexican immigrants were a “problem” (I say that in quotes because I don’t agree considering these people do the jobs most of us refuse to do).

People are just angry. They are angry about things going on in their own personal lives. They are angry about things going on in the world that they don’t agree with. They are just so focused and so zoned in on that angry (Which is really unhealthy by the way. Therapy is great for that just to let all of you angry people know. Your mind matters! *shameless platform plug*) and Trump feeds off of that and redirects it to other issues.

5. He does not have the tact or class to deal with other leaders

This links back to the “speaks his mind” idea. One job of the president is to interact with people from all walks of life. Donald Trump has made it clear that he is not “politically correct” (although I am not sure when we traded respect for politically correctness but talking about respect and society is for another blog post). He has no qualms against insulting others or making rude/crude remarks towards others or about himself (insert the “size of his hands comparison” comment here that still makes me sick that it was said during a presidential debate). If comments like that are said to major leaders, we can throw all hope of being respected as a nation out the window. Which leads me to my next point…

6. No one will take our country seriously with him as a leader

All Trump’s supporters want is to “Make America Great Again”. However, we need to be respected and admired in order for that to happen (at least that is what Trump seems to push; being the greatest in the world again). Other world leaders are already looking at our country with confusion on how he is even running for a leadership position like this. Can you imagine what would happen if he wins? We would potentially lose some of our greatest trade partners and allies.

7. Many 0f his ideas will not even make it past Congress

At the moment, Donald Trump is making enemies with a lot of smaller politicians. If he becomes president, many of his ideas will not make it past the congress floor (I wonder if they will even make it that far). The presidency will be four years of what is happening right now. Yes, you heard me right. I said I wasn’t going to get opinionated in this post, but this is one of my biggest pet peeves is how little a lot of people know about how to government works so rant warning, feel free to skip the next paragraph if you don’t want to hear it

RANT: The reason that people complain so much about a president “doing nothing” is because of the complicated system of checks and balances that was placed in our government. However, it is there for good reason. Checks and balances between the three branches of government (Executive aka the President, Judicial aka the Supreme Court, and Legislative aka the House of Representatives and the Senate) are there to limit one individual or group from having too much power. This has been going on for years and it is the reason that so many great ideas that would have made huge changes to this country and would have most likely benefited us have not happened. It is honestly the reason that political parties are the worst thing that has even come into existence and why we should eliminate them and vote purely on ideals (that is another rant for another day).

OK rant over.

This has been a long and possibly confusing post so let me summarize it for the people who will say TL;DR (too long; didn’t read).

Donald Trump is not who people think he i. He is playing the same game that almost every politician has before him and that almost every politician will in the future. His ideas are not all great. They will not all work. He feeds off of the anger of society. He has changed his views drastically in the past and he will in the future. Just like almost every other candidate, the second he is face to face with a democratic candidate, he will flip flop again to gain the votes of the more moderate. He wants power. He wants recognition. He does not want to make the country great again. If he did, he would have been working on it for years before (like keeping his manufacturing in the United States, providing more jobs in the U.S., etc). You have the right to vote for whoever you choose, but I beg you to look at the facts in front of your face. Honestly (opinion time), every candidate running has their flaws and their things that you are going to disagree with. Look for the candidate who has a real plan and a history of getting the things done that they say they are going to do. Look for the candidate who wants to fix the country from the inside out because let’s face it; unless we work on ourselves, we can’t do anything for anyone else and no one else can do anything for us. It’s like the idea of putting the oxygen mask on yourself when a plan is crashing before helping anyone else. We need someone who is actually going to fix our economy, educational system and work on creating equal rights and opportunities for all.

And now I step off my soapbox for the week and I welcome you to the new weekly segment “What’s on My Mind Wednesday”. See ya next week! Same time (probably), same place (definitely).



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