Body Positivity (What’s on My Mind Wednesday)

Happy Wednesday! Congrats! You have officially made it to the middle of another week. And that means, it is time to talk about what has been on my mind lately. I missed this segment last week (even though an almost finished post is sitting in the drafts section of my account). I would have used my idea from last week, but a few things I have seen this week have inspired me to talk about a different topic: Body Positivity.

So why this topic? Well, it is mental health awareness month and body image ties closely to mental health. Both men and women struggle with eating disorders and anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness.

Also, when I was watching the news last night I saw a story about a magazine meant for young girls printing a story about what swimsuit is best for your body type. As a young adult, these kinds of stories are common. However, for girls between the ages of 8 and 12, which is the target age for the magazine, the only concern they should have about swimsuits is that they are cute and they don’t come off when doing cannonballs off the diving board.

Body positivity/body image and I have had a long history.

I grew up in the era of magazines and fad diets. When I was younger, celebrities were stick thin and Photoshopped probably even more than they are now. Low carb diets, restrictive diets and more permeated the media. And on top of that, the people surrounding me did not have a healthy relationship with food.

Being surrounded with this lead to quite the unhealthy relationship with food and with my body from my preteens all the way through my early college years. I was never taught the basics of how food truly fuels your body and the differences between healthy foods and “healthy foods”.


So cute and so true

Now, after years of struggling and finally, for the most part, learning to love and accept my body, I want to share a little bit of body love with everyone else.

Everyone should love their body. I mean, think of everything it does for you. It allows you to breathe and function. It allows you to be active, do the things that you love and so much more.

And the same goes with food. So many people have an unhealthy relationship with food so let’s clarify some things. Calories are not little devils that automatically become fat. They are the basic energy that your body needs. You do not have to eat 100% organic, gluten free, all natural, etc to be healthy. Health is not defined by the food you eat or how many sit ups you can do. Health is defined by how well your body works.

Fuel your body and love your body. You only have one!



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