Life is Cruel. The World is Mean. Let’s Stop the Excuses and Get Over It

I know, I know… harsh title for my first blog back in a while. But a few weeks worth of occurrences sparked an idea in my head and I just had to write about it.

There have been so many times where I have thought “the world is so mean to me” or “well why did this happen to me?” or “why did that person say what they did?”. In the end, it is usually to put me some place different. At the end of March, I had a mini pity party over losing the last pageant of the season. I kept thinking about how hard I worked and how close I was and how much I ‘deserved’ it. I was angry at whatever forces led me to that place. And you know what? Maybe that is true. Maybe I did ‘deserve’ it. Maybe I didn’t. But in the end, not winning led to an amazing opportunity to interview for a scholarship with an amazing organization called Listen, Lucy. And guess what? I won. And now I get to be involved with a great organization that has a message that I love and support (seriously Listen, Lucy is great and I highly recommend you check it out here).

I have countless other stories like that. Stories where someone said something to me that encouraged me to take a different path. Stories where I swore the universe was out to get me, but in the end I grew and I learned and I became a better person.


Sometimes, life knocks you down for different reasons.

Sometimes, it is to teach you a lesson. That lesson could be in humility, perseverance or something else.

Sometimes, it is to put you in the right place for something else. That something else could be better or it could also be meant to teach you a lesson.

Sometimes, it is to help you cross paths with people that you may not have met if what you swear you wanted or deserved had worked out.

Sometimes, it is to test your dedication. Life wants to see if you are willing to put in the effort to prove it wrong.

Sometimes, it is to save you from getting hurt.

You don’t necessarily need to learn from these experiences. You could take them and use them to harbor anger. You could use them to hurt others or to hurt yourself. You could use them to stifle your growth and maybe even send you backwards. These situations can, and in many cases do, turn people into those who they often resent for what they do. Now you could let all of this happen, but why would you? It isn’t helpful in any way to you or to others.

So the next time you are mad at the world, or even just mad at a person or a group, think about what life is trying to push you towards. Maybe bigger and brighter things await you. Maybe there is a lesson that you need to learn. The only way to find out is to stop making excuses and just leap.



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