Top 10 Things that Happened for Me in 2016

2016 was a crazy year and although there were some points that weren’t the best, it was filled with amazing experiences and events. Here are my top 10 (in no real order)

1. I made new friends

Although this happened throughout the year, there are are few moments and a few friends that stand out in particular. Pageants and theater have truly brought some amazing people into my life.

2. I reconnected with old friends

The theater community is tight and sometimes it brings people back into your life that you hadn’t seen in years!

3. I became involved with an amazing organization

Listen, Lucy is my favorite organization and the founder, Jordan, is one of my favorite people. A small scholarship opportunity opened a door for me to make a new connection and find a new passion and drive this past April and I am forever grateful for that.

4. I saw some amazing shows

Yes, I saw some great works of theater, including Fun Home and Jersey Boys before they closed. But I also saw The Who in March. And that was pretty awesome.

5. I was involved in two amazing productions

In July, I was cast in Beauty and the Beast. It was my first show back after a three year hiatus from performing and it was fantastic. Then, in August, I got the opportunity to work on a show that changed my life: Big Fish. Not only is the show very moving and powerful, but the cast was kind and hard working and I felt honored to have been able to be a part of it, even if it was just for one short week.

6. I celebrated the achievements of my friends

I saw one of my closest friends win her first miss title in March. I celebrated my best friends 21st birthday. I got to be dragged across the island with my other best friend as she was Miss Staten Island United States. There are so many more, but these are just a few of the great moments that I got to be involved in. Seeing the joy of your friends can sometimes be more exciting than your own.

7. I turned 23 and had a surprise party thrown for me

I hit a milestone by turning 23 and my amazing friends threw me a fantastic surprise party. It really reminded me how amazing my friends really are.

8. I got new jobs

Although it was sad to have to say goodbye to my first long term job (and the wonderful family I had been babysitting for), I had the blessing of getting not only one, but two new jobs! I work for another great family now and I work for an amazing studio where I get to teach something I love, theater.

9. I won Miss Staten Island

This is obviously the number one highlight of the year. Four years and ten pageants later, I finally achieved one of my biggest goals. There are no extra words needed to describe how amazing this is and will be.

10. I watched my best friend win Miss Cosmopolitan

The only thing more exciting than your own dreams coming true is watching your best friends dreams come true as well. And yes, I did flip out in the best way possible when I realized I get to spend Miss NY week with “my blonde”.

Bonus: All of the amazing appearances I have gotten to go on as Miss Staten Island

I have had so many amazing opportunities so far as Miss Staten Island and I can’t wait to see what is next.

It has been a crazy year but I wouldn’t change anything. Stay tuned for another post about what I’m looking forward to next year and what some of my goals are!


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