Life is Cruel. The World is Mean. Let’s Stop the Excuses and Get Over It

I know, I know… harsh title for my first blog back in a while. But a few weeks worth of occurrences sparked an idea in my head and I just had to write about it. Continue reading


National Suicide Prevention Day 2015

September 10th is National Suicide Prevention Day.


It’s a word and a topic that many choose to ignore.

And I understand. Suicide is complicated. It’s often secretive. It may even be a bit scary. It is a difficult topic to discuss.

Which is exactly why I am going to talk about it. Continue reading

Reestablishing Goals

While cleaning my room last week, I found a list of my “new year’s goals”. Well, let’s just say that I had forgotten most (even though they are actually posted on this blog) and I definitely slacked. However, that doesn’t mean that it is time to give up on all of my goals completely! Let’s talk a bit about reestablishing and resetting goals!
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Why Comparison Can Be the Devil and How You Can Work to Stop it

As humans, it seems to be a natural thing to compare yourself to others. We often compare body types, possessions, relationships and so much more; and often we will see the little green monster of jealousy peeking its way through. Now is comparison completely evil? Or does it have some good aspects to it. And how can we stop unnecessarily comparing ourselves to those around us all of the time?
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Building Walls and Knocking Them Down


I have the biggest problem with creating walls for myself. I will find every excuse on why I shouldn’t do something or why I can’t . I hate that word. Can’t. If someone else were to say it to me I would laugh in their face and do anything and everything in my power to prove them wrong. So why when I tell myself I can’t do something, I take it as an ultimatum?

Breaking down walls, especially ones you put up yourself, can be exceeding difficult. However, it is entirely possible.

Here are three major things that you can do:

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