Life is Cruel. The World is Mean. Let’s Stop the Excuses and Get Over It

I know, I know… harsh title for my first blog back in a while. But a few weeks worth of occurrences sparked an idea in my head and I just had to write about it. Continue reading


As Technology Increases, Respect Decreases (What’s on My Mind Wednesday)

Welcome back to another edition of “What’s on My Mind Wednesday”. Today’s topic is the correlation between technology and respect. I am sure the first thing that a lot of people are thinking is: “What does technology have to do with respect?”.

In today’s society, the answer to that question is ‘just about everything’.

As Technology increases, Respect Decreases

Early Warning: This is long but I think it is a good read

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How to Know if Online Classes Are Right For You

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For so many college students, the new semester is beginning. That means getting back into a routine of getting up, getting ready and heading to classes. Or for me, that means rolling out of bed and sitting on my computer. That’s because all of my classes are completely online. I am currently studying through SUNY Empire State College’s Center for Distance Learning. There is a pretty heavy stigma that can surround online schooling, including the ideas that it is easier or that it isn’t as valid as sitting in a physical classroom. Well, I am here to debunk those myths and help you see if online classes are right for you! Continue reading

Shootings and Mental Health

shootings and mental healthIf you have turned on the TV, looked at the news, or even have gone on Facebook in the past 24 hours, there is a 99% chance that you heard about yet another shooting in a movie theater. During my lifetime, there have been multiple shootings or violence scares that have similar qualities. Many are committed by white males. Many of the weapons used were acquired illegally (or at the very least, the shooters should not have been allowed to purchase the weapon).

And finally, many of the shooters turn out to have had some form of mental illness that was known about or at least noticed by family/friends/coworkers/etc. In fact, many of these individuals have records of mental health issues.

So why is this a problem? What can be done and what should be done? Continue reading