A Change in MAO: The elimination of swimsuit aka Lifestyle and Fitness

Ooh look I’m back after an insanely long break and I am tackling a controversial topic right off the bat! I promise I will make a post about what I have been up to in the upcoming weeks but for now let us talk about some breaking news: The Miss America Organization is eliminating the well known and quite controversial swimsuit portion of competition. So here is a bit of my opinion:

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Miss Staten Island 2017: One Week In

It is still surreal to look back at one week ago and remember that yes, I was actually crowned Miss Staten Island 2017. I first got involved in the Miss America Organization in 2013, where I competed for the title of Miss Staten Island 2014. And by competed, I mean I kind of just did it for the experience. I had no chance of winning and I kind of knew that and was okay with that. I just wanted to say I did it. I wasn’t even necessarily planning on doing more than one pageant.

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