Body Positivity (What’s on My Mind Wednesday)

Happy Wednesday! Congrats! You have officially made it to the middle of another week. And that means, it is time to talk about what has been on my mind lately. I missed this segment last week (even though an almost finished post is sitting in the drafts section of my account). I would have used my idea from last week, but a few things I have seen this week have inspired me to talk about a different topic: Body Positivity. Continue reading


As Technology Increases, Respect Decreases (What’s on My Mind Wednesday)

Welcome back to another edition of “What’s on My Mind Wednesday”. Today’s topic is the correlation between technology and respect. I am sure the first thing that a lot of people are thinking is: “What does technology have to do with respect?”.

In today’s society, the answer to that question is ‘just about everything’.

As Technology increases, Respect Decreases

Early Warning: This is long but I think it is a good read

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What’s On My Mind Wednesday: Donald Trump

This presidential election has been… interesting… to say the least. The front runner of the Republican party is none other than business mogul and reality television star Donald Trump. And in all honesty, that scares me. Why? Keep on reading.

Warning: This post will probably be all over the place and will probably be long. It will be worth it though, so be sure to read it and share it!

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