The Ripple Effect of Anger

Two days in a row? Don’t expect this to happen often but something has come up that reminded me of how anger has a ripple effect. When you are angry, a response can be to try to hurt someone else. You may not even realize you are doing it necessarily. You may think your response is justified. But someone gets hurt. However sometimes, they aren’t the only one to get hurt.

A good example is if a person tries to ruin someone’s reputation. If that person has a business, the ruining of the reputation doesn’t just hurt that individual. It hurts the business. It hurts the people that work at that business. It hurts the customers. The anger of one person eventually affects a mass amount of people. And to be honest, the anger may have even been uncalled for or blown out of proportion. And instead of solving a problem, people just get upset and hurt. In a world where an average of 20-25% have a mental illness, why are we so adamant on hurting people. It only increases the risk of anxiety or depression and it isn’t fair to anyone. Not the person. Not their family or friends or coworkers or anyone around them.

This may seem odd or just unnecessary, but when I was younger, I needed someone to tell me this. I constantly thought the answer to my problems was lashing out on someone to fix a problem. I wanted an instant solution and when I look back, I was angry over something so insignificant. It wasn’t worth my anger. But I may have hurt them and the people around them. That’s just not right.

Anger isn’t a beneficial emotion to act on in a negative manner. Always use negative emotion to lead to positive growth.



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